On-Package Recycling Symbol for Food Paper Shipping Sacks

The PSSMA has worked with the Fiber Box Association (FBA), American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and US recycling mills to develop a marking system that clearly identifies paper shipping sacks that can be recycled in a commingled collection with cardboard boxes (Old Corrugated Containers – OCC).

The greatest potential for multiwall sack recycling exists for unlined paper shipping sacks used to package food ingredients and products. Those are the only sacks authorized to use the PSSMA recycling emblem which provides an ‘on-package’ reminder that these sacks may be recycled along with OCC. That category of sacks is the largest single summary commodity sack, accounting for 41% of all 2015 paper shipping sack production.

Unlined food paper shipping sacks offer the greatest potential for recycling, and are authorized to use the PSSMA Recycling Logo shown here. As the logo indicates, the easiest way for most sack users to recycle these sacks is to include them with the corrugated boxes that are already widely recycled. For information regarding the use of this emblem, click here . To obtain an image of the logo suitable for printing on qualifying sacks and to obtain approval to print the logo on paper shipping sacks, contact your PSSMA member paper shipping sack supplier or PSSMA. Sack suppliers that are not PSSMA members should contact PSSMA for further information on use of the logo.